Green Moor's Head h 30 Zahira Green leaf man  - 1

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Green Moor's Head h 30 Zahira Green leaf man

Rif: 12.VF724b

Decor: Green Leaf

The product is available in the following sizes: 30 cm height.

Designed and decorated by hand.

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This Green Moor's Head embodies the new modern line of Caltagirone's handcrafted majolica, resulting in a unique and elegant work that is the result of traditional craftsmanship. This modern Moorhead is distinguished by its vibrant green tone, enhancing the beauty of the natural world. Revisiting the vase from a contemporary perspective, it becomes a unique design element that lends a touch of elegance to any setting.

  • Green leaf

Green Moor's Head Zahira in Green leaf style

Made and decorated entirely by hand.

The Green Moor's Head, handcrafted by Ceramiche Sofia of Intonato brothers Nicola and Intonato Giuseppe, is a unique work of art. This Moorhead Shaped Vase has a height of 30 cm and features a refined Leaf Green decoration.

Ceramiche Sofia is a company based in Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy, renowned for the production of high quality art majolica. Each stage of workmanship dedicated to the creation of this vase is carried out with the utmost care, ensuring an exceptional and long-lasting end result.

Caltagirone majolica is renowned worldwide for its uncompromising quality and attention to detail. The dark-headed vase produced by Ceramiche Sofia is an authentic fine piece that can add a touch of sophistication and charm to any setting. With its inherent beauty and attention paid to each individual element, this vase stands out as a work of art that can be admired and appreciated for generations.

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Green Leaf
30 cm

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All our products are handmade. Any perceived imperfections or irregularities are to be considered as peculiarities of the products and not defects. Our production process is laborious and consists of several stages: moulding, first cooking, decoration, second cooking, ageing. Thus, we can give our customers unique, matchless and unalterable products.

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