About Us

Ceramiche 'SOFIA' of the brothers Intonato Nicola and Intonato Giuseppe is a company in Caltagirone (Sicily, ITALY) that produces art majolica.

For several years we have been engaged in the handcrafted production of unique majolica pieces, decorated and shaped by hand following the style of classic colors of Caltagirone ceramics from all eras.

Tradition and Innovation

We study the country's craft productions and select unique objects that represent the history of Caltagirone majolica, recognized worldwide for its artistic and cultural value.

Always linked to the old traditions we give our achievements our artistic tone that makes them so unique and inimitable, thus creating in them a new design. The Maiolica of Caltagirone, wants to be the meeting point of all these artistic - cultural expressions, a showcase through which to know, appreciate and even make these objects of value and value become one's own in order to experience them over time within one's most cherished places.

Inspirations and Colors

We are inspired by the style of classic colors of Caltagirone (Italy) ceramics from all eras, made with unique glazes that recall the origins of the Eastern world in which colors were produced by the fusion of kaolin-based glazes. It is therefore the Arabs who have preserved this ancient oriental recipe in history.

Between East and West

Always remembering that the first masters of glazing were definitely the Japanese with their porcelain. Pottery has been known since prehistoric times, and its invention is supposed to have occurred only twice in human history: among Saharan and Japanese peoples. From these places of origin it has since spread throughout the world.

Craft Innovation

Thanks to experience consolidated over the years, we are now able to bring new techniques to life during the finishing and firing stages. We select unique local craft productions that represent the true history of Caltagirone majolica, which is recognized worldwide for its true artistic and cultural value. Always remaining tied to the old traditions, we now give our creations our artistic tone, which makes them unique and inimitable, thus creating a new design that binds together the classical and modern traditions.

The Birth of Ceramics Sofia

All this gives rise to our unique brand. SOFIA. Ceramica Sofia was thus born in the year 2002 when one of the brothers (Nicola), as a young boy, after acquiring true mastery for years at the workshops in his city, decided together with his only brother (GIUSEPPE) to start making ceramics at a small workshop of only 30 square meters.

A World of Beauty: Caltagirone Majolica in Your Home

Our ceramics today are a showcase through which you can learn about, appreciate and make unique these objects of value and value to be experienced over time.

Processing Stages

The manufacturing process leading to the creation of our ceramics is divided into six important stages: Turning, Drying , first firing, Glazing, Decorating and Aging.


For each of these stages we devote the utmost care in every detail so that the final product is the result of a unique, inimitable and unaltered work over time