Ceramic Male Head Caltagirone | Zahira Matte Dove Gray 30cm - Moori...

    Ceramic Male Head Caltagirone | Zahira Matte Dove Gray 30cm


    Decor: Taupe Matt

    The product is available in the following sizes: 30 cm height.

    Designed and decorated by hand.

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    Moor's Head Zahira 

    made and decorated entirely by hand.

    The "Zahira" model represents a modern interpretation of the traditional Testa di Moro, made with skill in the famous ceramics of Caltagirone. 30 cm tall, this sculpture stands out for its Matt Dove Gray finish, a choice of color that gives it a sophisticated and contemporary look. The neutral shade and matte texture enhance the clean lines and elegance of the design, making "Zahira" a unique piece of decoration, capable of harmonizing with any furnishing style. Perfect for those looking for an element of art that combines Sicilian cultural richness with a modern and refined aesthetic.

    Main Features

    • High Quality Craftsmanship: Each Testa di Moro is the result of the work of qualified artisans from Caltagirone, guaranteeing uniqueness and prestige.
    • Modern Aesthetics: The Matt Dove Gray finish adds a touch of modernity and versatility, ideal for contemporary environments.
    • Symbol of Tradition and Innovation: "Zahira" blends the historic iconography of the Moor's Heads with an innovative design, celebrating the Sicilian heritage.
    • Decorative Versatility: This artwork is perfect for adding character and style to any space, from an elegant home to a modern office.
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    Taupe Matt
    30 cm