What is the significance of Moro's heads?

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What is the significance of Moro's heads?

What is the significance of Moor Heads?

Caltagirone ceramic Moorheads are a unique artistic tradition rooted in Sicilian culture, born out of legend and becoming iconic. These head-shaped ceramic decorations are famous for adorning the facades of houses in the city and are an important symbol of the culture and history of Caltagirone and Sicily.

These have been recognized worldwide as a symbol of style and trend, telling of man's ability to shape the earth and create emotions through art. Caltagirone's Moorheads are an example of how tradition and art can be preserved and enhanced for future generations.

The Legend

The legend of the Moorheads tells of a beautiful maiden who, during the period of Moorish rule in Sicily in the Kalsa, spent her days tending the flowers and plants on her balcony. One day a young Moor, struck by the maiden's beauty, declared his love and she reciprocated. But the young man had a family in the East, and the maiden, betrayed and angry, killed him. To remember the lost love, the maiden cut off the young man's head and turned it into a vase, inside which she planted a basil sprout.

The choice of basil was not accidental; in fact, this plant had an aura of sacredness and represented the herb of rulers. The maiden placed the pot in the shape of a Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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