Moorheads: why do they give themselves away?

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Moorheads: why do they give themselves away?

Moorheads: why are they given as gifts

A thousand-year-old tradition deeply linked to the history of Sicily.

Caltagirone pottery is one of the most famous and deeply rooted traditions of the Sicilian city of Caltagirone, located in the province of Catania. The city is famous for its handcrafted ceramics, particularly its moro heads, head-shaped ceramic decorations that are used to adorn the facades of houses.

Most ceramic objects feature bright and garish colors, making it unique and particularly eye-catching. Caltagirone ceramics are handmade by local artisans using ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation; each piece is therefore unique and unrepeatable, representing the art and tradition of the city.

But why are these head-shaped vases given as gifts?

Caltagirone's moro heads were first made in the 18th century by local artisans using ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation. Each Moorhead is therefore a unique and unrepeatable piece, representing the city's art and tradition.

But it is not only their aesthetic beauty that makes them so valuable. They also represent an important symbol of Caltagirone's culture and history. The Moorhead is in fact a reference to the Arab rulers of Sicily, who left a strong impact Translated with (free version)

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