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Head h 30 Zahira taupe matt woman

Rif: 12.MTO628a


Add a touch of elegance to your home with the new Zahira models. Handcrafted with mastery, this unique and elegant creation stands out for its design and will bring a touch of sophistication to any space.

  • Tortora Opaco
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Moorish Head

Made and decorated entirely by hand.

The Zahira Moorish Head is a unique and refined work of art, entirely handmade. The Tortora Opaco decoration adds an elegant and sophisticated charm to this splendid ceramic head. With a height of 30 cm, it is a piece that stands out for its grandeur and impeccable details.

Add a touch of modern artistic beauty and craftsmanship to your space with the new Zahira models.Ceramiche Sofia of brothers Intonato Nicola and Intonato Giuseppe is a company from Caltagirone (Sicily, ITALY) that produces art majolica. The manufacturing processes that lead to the creation of our ceramics are divided into six important phases: turning, drying, first firing, enamelling, decoration and aging.

For each of these phases we dedicate the utmost care to every detail so that the final product is the result of a unique work, inimitable and unchanged over time.

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Taupe Matt
30 cm

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Moorish Head sicily

Italian ceramic handmade

All our products are handmade. Any perceived imperfections or irregularities are to be considered as peculiarities of the products and not defects. Our production process is laborious and consists of several stages: moulding, first cooking, decoration, second cooking, ageing. Thus, we can give our customers unique, matchless and unalterable products.

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