Reasons to choose our ceramics

“Sofia ceramics” is a success story that starts in 2002 when two young artisans of Caltagirone, Nicola and Giuseppe Intonato, make one of the most important decision in their lives: they leave their jobs in a ceramics firm and in a cigarettes factory respectively to start up their own business.

It is hard at first. They work in a garage, then in a rented warehouse. They roll up their sleeves and get some great results. Handmade small chests, tureens and little angels in a baroque style are produced with passion and inspiration. These are all products “made in Sicily”. The firm business rises and the “Sofia” brand become nationally known in the 2000’s. After taking part at FieraMilano, the brand is focused on conquering new markets in Europe.

A continuous research for excellence brings a winning move: combining ART and DESIGN for the interior decoration of the most beautiful houses all over the world (Italy, USA, Russia, Arab countries). A real strong point in the Sofia large catalogue.

Lamps, pots, columns are decorated in accordance with the traditional colours and style of Caltagirone ceramics but with a modern taste. Today, a new generation is following on the heels of the two founders in order to meet future challenges, without forgetting those values which have allowed realising the “Sofia ceramics” dream: building a solid enterprise in the ancient land of Sicily