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Italian ceramic handmade

All our products are handmade. Any perceived imperfections or irregularities are to be considered as peculiarities of the products and not defects. Our production process is laborious and consists of several stages: moulding, first cooking, decoration, second cooking, ageing. Thus, we can give our customers unique, matchless and unalterable products.

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Moor Heads Sicily: discover the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean
Moor Head Sicily: unique artistic objects that reflect the historical ties of the island and the city of Caltagirone, winning the hearts of craft enthusiasts around the world. Learn more.
What Do Moorish Head Vases Symbolize?
Discover the legend and the art of the Moorish heads in Caltagirone ceramic. A unique tradition rooted in Sicilian culture, become an icon of style and trend. Explore their history, how they are made and how to use them as decorations for your home.
Moorhead: Why do they give themselves away?
Caltagirone's Moorheads are a unique artistic tradition rooted in Sicilian culture; they are not only eye-catching and vibrant decorations but also represent the city's history and traditions and are delivered as a symbol of good fortune and well-being for the home.