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Moorish Head sicily

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What Do Moorish Head Vases Symbolize?

What Do Moorish Head Vases Symbolize?

Italian Pottery: What Do Moorish Head Vases Symbolize?

Discover the unique artistic tradition of ceramic Moor's Head vases in Caltagirone, Sicily. These ceramic head-shaped decorations are famous for adorning the city's facades and are an important symbol of Caltagirone's culture and history.

Recognized worldwide for their style and trendiness, "La Testa di Moro" showcase the art of shaping clay and evoking emotions through craftsmanship. They embody the preservation and appreciation of tradition and art for future generations.

But what do these head-shaped vases mean, and what is the story behind their legend?

The Legend

The legend tells the tale of a beautiful girl who tended to flowers and plants on her balcony during the Moorish domination in Sicily. One day, a young Moor captivated by her beauty professed his love, and she reciprocated. However, the young man had a family in the East, and feeling betrayed and angry, the girl killed him. To commemorate her lost love, she severed his head and transformed it into a vase, planting a basil sprout inside

The choice of basil was deliberate, as it carried a sense of sacredness and represented the herb of kings. The girl placed the Moor's Head vase on her balcony and nurtured it with her tears.

Enchanted by the scent of basil and envious of the flourishing plant in that uniquely shaped Moor's Head vase, the neighbors began crafting terracotta vases resembling the same features.

Beyond their aesthetic beauty and romantic legend, Moor's Head vases hold significant cultural heritage in Sicily. Their artisanal production has become an iconic symbol of Caltagirone, representing a valuable artistic treasure for the entire region.

Today, they are regarded as works of art and decorative design elements, enhancing outdoor spaces like balconies, gardens, and terraces, as well as adding elegance to interior decor.